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Born in 1999 in Paris - France


A 2023 graduate from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Louise Janet grew up in Sartrouville in the Paris suburbs. The artist now lives in Ivry-sur-Seine and works in Montreuil. 

Illustrating herself as much through painting as through drawing, Louise Janet presented her first solo exhibition last year at Galerie Mathilde Le Coz gallery. Building Stories constitutes the artist’s second solo presentation. 

Louise Janet's works were recently exhibited in Paris: during the group exhibition Entre chien et loup presented by galleries Mathilde Le Coz and Elsa Meunier, on the occasion of the 10th edition of Private Choice (2023), at Galerie T&L (2023), at Galerie Myriam Chair (2023) or even at the Crous Gallery (2023). Her work has also been presented in previous years by Galerie Sabine Bayasli (2022), H Gallery (2022), Galerie Valentin (2021), or even Galerie Le Feuvre & Roze (2020). 

Louise Janet exhibited her work in Italy during the previous Venice Biennale with Galerie Mathilde Le Coz in partnership with Galerie T&L and her works will be the subject of an online group exhibition with the English gallery Taymour Grahne this summer.

Louise Janet won the Diamond scholarship for drawing in 2020 and was a finalist for the David Weil prize in 2021.


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