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Tricase (LE), Italy -  23.07.21 - 07.08.21

Le Forme Del Colore is an exhibition of seven modern and contemporary artists in a baroque palace in the heart of Puglia: the Palazzo Gallone, in Tricase. Seven artists who make their fawn, solar, Mediterranean colour their own.


From July 23 to August 7, Galerie T&L and Mathilde M. Le Coz gallery invest the Palazzo Gallone, a princely palace built between the 15th and 17th centuries in Tricase, in the south of Puglia, by installing more than forty contemporary works - paintings , ceramics but also embroideries - by seven artists, French and Italian.


The works of Garance Matton, Luca Rubegni, Julian Farade, Ulrike Belloni and Melania Toma are exhibited amongst works of two elders, Leonardo Cremonini (1925-2010), great Italian master who shared his time between France and Italy , and Régis Deparis (1948-2013), a French painter, friend of Rancillac and collaborator of Enrico Baj, who settled in Puglia at the end of his life.


Hanging in the large 17th century gallery or in the Aragonese dungeon of the Quattrocento, the artists' works weave all possible relationships with colour and figuration: painting from nature for Ulrike Belloni using ancient techniques, gestural painting for Julian Farade, line work for Rubegni and Matton, on the fringes of abstraction and the figure for Toma and Farade.  


In all works, the solar colour, intense, without semitones - that of the Mediterranean - and its captivating power is a determining element: they thus continue the tradition of modernity, starting from Expressionism and Fauvism, inspired by the pop art of the 1960s and, even closer to us, the free figuration of the 1980s. Each in their direction, they explore new formal avenues, resolutely contemporary, with an art where content and meaning never break free from each other.


The shape of the color

Curators: Mathilde Le Coz & Tancrède Hertzog

Exhibition from July 23 to August 7, 2021

Opening Friday, July 23 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Closing on Thursday August 5 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Palazzo Gallone

Via Pisanelli, 1

73039 Tricase, LE


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