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Born in 1993 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

A graduate (2022) from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, at atelier Nina Childress, Lea Simhony deploys in particular her practice around the representation of women, embodied by strong and  colourful characters that she dresses and stages. Lea Simhony's work has recently been featured in several group exhibitions in Paris, for instance at gallery BSL, Tour Orion and gallery Camille Pouyfaucon. Her works were also exhibited in Dresden in 2022 as well as in New York the same year during the “Condominium Project”, an exhibition conducted by the architect and designer India Madhavi.



Born in 1998 in Paris, France

A graduate (June 2023) from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, at atelier Tim Eitel, Victor Puš-Perchaud develops a reflection on identity building and the quest for oneself, through an autobiographic fictional painting carried out by the motif of the mirror. The painter has recently participated in several group exhibitions in Paris, notably at the gallery l’Inlassable, gallery Dans les yeux d'Elsa, gallery Sabine Bayasli and at gallery Chez Valentin. His work was also exhibited at Juyeso Space in Seoul in 2022 as well as at the Pavillon de la Comtesse in Caen, then a finalist for the 2022 David Weill drawing prize.

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Born in 1994 in Odense, Denmark

Self-taught, Samuel Aiwerioghene has long distinguished himself in the field of fashion, designing the collections for the brand he created at the end of college and subsequently collaborating with the most prestigious brands before devoting himself to painting. Interested in questions of identity and belonging, the artist gradually develops a pictorial vocabulary focusing on the male figure prey to complex and ambivalent emotions that question the fundamental relationship of oneself to others.

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