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Claudio Coltorti, Max Coulon, Penny Davenport, Katelyn Eichwald, Ludivine Gonthier, Louise Janet, Johan Larnouhet, Marguerite Piard & Ugo Schildge

15.11 - 25.11.23

Artists of the exhibition

Claudio Coltorti

(Born in 1989 in Naples - Italy)

Claudio Coltorti is an Italian painter based in Athens, Greece. A 2016 graduate of the Beaux- Arts de Paris, his work has since been exhibited on numerous occasions in Europe and across the Atlantic. Recently, Hussenot gallery in Paris presented his first solo exhibition in France. And this year, the painter’s work has been shown in several group exhibitions: The Breeder, Athens; Olivia Edwards gallery, New York; Galerie Elsa Meunier, Paris.

Max Coulon

(Born in 1994 in Strasbourg - France)

Max Coulon lives and works in Aubervilliers (Poush residency). He is represented by the Romero Paprocki gallery in Paris and Nosbaum Reding in Luxembourg. He graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2021 after spending three years at Stephan Balkenhol’s studio in Karlsruhe, that same year he won the Prix des amis des Beaux-Arts. Max Coulon already had two solo exhibitions last year in Paris (Galerie du Crous) and Cassel (Galerie Coucou). His work was also exhibited in Luxembourg on the occasion of a solo show (Galerie Nosbaum Reding) this autumn. The sculptor has recently taken part in several large-scale group projects at Galerie du jour (2023), Galerie Romero Paprocki (2023, 2022), Galerie L’inlassable (2022), Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (2020) and Galerie Jeune Création (2020). In 2024, the artist will present his fourth solo exhibition with his Paris gallery.


Penny Davenport

(Born in 1979 in Inverness - Scotland)

Penny Davenport is a Scottish artist. She now lives and works in Liverpool, England. She graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2002 and is represented by Gallery OTP Copenhagen. Her work has been shown at Everyday Mooonday in Seoul, Harkawik Gallery and Fornight Institute in New York, and Wilson Stephens & Jones in London. With the galleries Elsa Meunier and Mathilde le Coz, Penny Davenport will be presenting her work

in France for the first time.

Ludivine Gonthier

(Born in 1997 in Orange - France)

Ludivine Gonthier grew up in the Reunion Island before going to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, graduating in 2022 after a year’s exchange in Germany. She now lives and works in Poitiers. In September, Ludivine Gonthier held her first solo exhibition in Paris with curator Lucas Djaou. She regularly takes part in group projects in the capital: last spring she was presented at La Villette during 100 pour Cent l’Expo, as well as at Pal Project (2022), L’espace Voltaire (2022), Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (2020) and Bertrand Grimont (2020). Ludivine Gonthier has also been chosen for a duo exhibition with one of the leading artists of Narrative Figuration, Ivan Messac, at the Galerie du Tableau in Marseille (2022).

Katelyn Eichwald

(Born in 1987 in Chicago, Illinois - United-States)

Katelyn Eichwald is an American artist based in Chicago. A graduate of the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, she is now represented by the New York gallery Fornight Institute. Her work has been shown in several group exhibitions, notably in London with Cob Gallery, in Montreal with Projet Pangée and soon with Huxley-Parlour in London. Her work has been the subject of a solo exhibition with Galerie Sultana in Paris, and Fornight Institute will soon be presenting her work in a new solo show.

Louise Janet

(Born in 1999 in Paris - France)

A 2023 graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Louise Janet lives and works in Paris. Louise Janet presented her first solo show at Mathilde Le Coz gallery this year. The artist’s work was selected for the 10th edition of Private Choice this autumn. Louise Janet’s work has recently been shown at Galerie T&L (2023), Galerie Myriam Chair (2023) and Galerie du Crous (2023). Her work has also been shown in previous years by Galerie Sabine Bayasli (2022), H Gallery (2022), Galerie Valentin (2021) and Galerie Le Feuvre & Roze (2020). The artist presented her work in Italy at the «Madame Rêve» exhibition organised for the last Venice Biennale by Galerie Mathilde Le Coz in partnership with Galerie T&L.

Johan Larnouhet

(Born in 1988 in Marseille - France)

A 2013 graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Johan Larnouhet lives in Paris and works
in Ivry-sur-Seine. This year, Elsa Meunier gallery presented a solo show of his work in Paris. The artist has also taken part in several group shows: in Brussels, at Mendes Wood DM, in Paris with the Elsa Meunier gallery (2022) and with the Mathilde le Coz gallery (2021).

Marguerite Piard

(Born in 1996 in Rueil- Malmaison - France)

Marguerite Piard graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-arts de Paris in 2020 and has since taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Paris and abroad. Her work has recently been shown in New York with Palo Gallery, in Brussels with Galerie Edji and in Paris with Elsa Meunier and Mathilde le Coz galleries. This year, Maestria gallery presented the first solo show of the artist in Paris. And her work was also shown in a duo exhibition at Chapelle XIV gallery in Paris. Marguerite Piard has also taken part in charity exhibitions at Sotheby’s in aid of the Paris Opera and at the Consulat Voltaire in support of Planning familial.

Ugo Schildge

(Born in 1987 in Paris - France)

Ugo Schildge is a painter-sculptor who graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2014 (atelier Giuseppe Penone). He works in Aubervilliers (Poush residency). After five years in the United States, where he joined the Invisible Dog Art Center residency in New York, the artist returned to France in 2018. He regularly presents his work in solo exhibitions in Paris (Dumonteil Contemporary, 2022), Gstaad (Galerie Patricia Low Contemporary, 2021), Shanghai (Galerie Dumonteil, 2021) and New York (Galerie Nonfinito, 2019). And this year his work has been exhibited at several fairs: at Future Fair in New York with the Superzoom gallery and at PAD Paris with Dumouteil contemporary. Finally, his work was recently presented at the Galerie Italienne in Paris in a group show.

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